MAD Tourbooking presents GRADE2 Jena Show 26.09.19 in Jena, Rosenkeller

Donnerstag 26.09.19
Einlass: 20.00, Beginn: 21:00
Rosenkeller, Johannisstraße 13, 07743 Jena

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The band first met at school where they would spend their lunch break playing together in the music room attempting to cover classic punk tunes. This eventually developed into forming Grade 2; who made a name for themselves by performing at local pubs and venues whilst starting to write original music. Their first unofficial release was a 4 track demo uploaded to Soundcloud. This got some attention online and was quickly noticed by German independent record label ‘Contra Records’. Contra picked up Grade2 in 2014 allowing them to release their first official EP ‘Broken Youth’ that same year. From then on Grade 2 started touring across Europe exponentially and gained much exposure as they started to be known as ‘Oi! The New Generation’, a young new breathof fresh air for the streetpunk scene.They would later go on to release another EP ‘Die without Boots On’ before their first big release ‘Mainstream View’ an 8 track mini album. ‘Mainstream View’ was a huge success and a big step forward for the band, featuring the popular music video single ‘All I Know’. This release showed that the band has matured musically since their first record. With more complex song writing, catchy melodies and a new professional sound, Grade 2 began appearing on everyone’s radar.Grade 2 continue touring across Europe with increasingly bigger crowds and venues thanks to the success of ‘Mainstream View’ and their brilliant live performances. Many fans have stated that they cannot believe how powerful the live sound is with just a young three-piece band.Just one year later Grade 2 come back with their first full length album ‘Break the Routine’. The band amazingly manage to further mature their sound and song writing ability to a new level. With the hard hitting vocals from Sid andmelodic vocals from Jack, the two make for a great duo with a fantastic balance to keep the record punchy and catchy. The memorable choruses, catchy guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and the powerful drumbeats show that the boys clearly have a new and brilliant understanding of how to make great music. And have proved that they are no long just boys, they are professional musicians here to make their mark. So make sure you stay around, it’s gonna be good...