H2O Termine und Tickets

Three Letters to Enjoy Your Life … H20… What a statement, what a positive enjoyment of life radiates from this Five Peace Band in our hearts and inour minds.   From beginnings in the early 90’s H2O have developed their brand into a genre leading Hardcore outfit. I could not foresee that back in the days even I did not need much persuasion to move my old friend Tobi to go on stage in Hannover - Glocksee to play one or was it two songs even for fun just before Sick Of It All he and the rest worked as roadies back then. But even then it was amazing to see him on stage catching the audience from the very beginning! Toby´s isn’t just an inspirational performer, but an inspirational person. His energy on stage is insane, the band is so tight, they delivered in abundance positivity, and just being your-damn-self, family, friends and love. You'll leave full of optimism, you'll feel a few inches taller and walk with a spring in your step at least for the next few days- this is Hardcore … H2O go