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RISK IT!In 2009 founded5 pieceoutfitfrom East Germany which plays pure and powerful Hardcore with rage and attitude. After their 2011‘Leave A Mark’7inch on Demons Run Amok they found their way to Farewell Records which put out the following debut record‘Who’s Foolin’Who’in April 2012that brought the band to another level. After constant touring and shows all over Europe, Risk It!releasedtheirnextstrike ‘The Only Thing’ EP in Summer 2013 again on Farewell Records.Numerous shows, festivals and tours for example with 7 Seconds, Down To Nothing, Terror and the Persistence Tour in 2016 (just to name a few) put them in the spotlight of european Hardcore. Their latest masterpiece `CROSS TO BEAR` (Farewell Records) strikes again with enormous powerand guarantees you the sing-alongs, stage dives and moshpits you wanna see at a Hardcore show.This band connects energy and sincerity in their music, no compromises just Hardcore, so make sure to listen to this record and catch them live on stage!

STRIFE got their start in Los Angeles, CA in 1991 and quickly became one of the first hardcore bands from the west coast to gain worldwide notoriety. With a non-stop touring schedule STRIFE inspired people around the world to fight for whatever they held to be most true to themselves. "What has always been an important part of the message we bring to shows is acceptance. We want you to come out and feel like you belong", comments the band. STRIFE alongside Earth Crisis, and Snapcase, were regarded as one of the "Big 3" bands that pushed hardcore to the forefront in the mid to late 90's. Their second album, In This Defiance, was released in 1997 and is still considered to be a hardcore classic.








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